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Welcome to our new website!

Here it is! We're happy to show off our new website to the world. Thanks for dropping by and please take a little time to explore. 

Our new site comes from the fine folks at Coffee Cup Media, the same people who bring you RoadsideOnline.com and who also published the great Roadside Magazine, the finest chronicle of the American back road ever published. 

You can tap into this news feed by coming back to this page, or you can always subscribe to the RSS feed and read the latest Super Duper news on your favorite reader? Got an iPad or iPhone? Be sure to grab the Flipboard app and drop our feed into the settings. 

Of course, we also have a Facebook page. Hell, our dogs have Facebook pages, but our page has lots of important information about our menu, our events, and Lorins potato runs. Right now, we have to find a new breakfast joint for poor Lorin. He found out last month that his favorite diner Sully's closed up for good. If you have a suggestion for a replacement, hit the "Chime in" button in the menu bar.